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Logo? Corporate Identity? Clean website? Video montage? "You got it!"

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Web Design

Clean and easy-to-navigate websites. Currently only edited websites based on existing templates.

Logo Design

Made just for you or your company.

Video Edits

For the perfect company impression.


Beautiful pictures for every occasion. Although shot with a smartphone, it looks pretty good!

About me

Hi, I'm Jesse Besseling,

18 years old and fascinated by unique designs. They are everywhere: Banners in a shopping mall, billboards on the streets, every logo or avatar you see and even this website. In some way, everyting is basically a design. Back in 2012 I got the idea to produce my own YouTube videos. I started my channel and tried to make good gameplay videos. Of course, I had very little experience, so after a while, I quit my YouTube channel. But my fascination for content creation never left me since that moment. In the following years I experimented with two more YouTube channels, which I ran together with a good friend of mine. I designed the logo, the banner, the video thumbnails and edited all the videos I made.

Right now I made the decision that I wanted to step away from gameplay content and move towards making visual artworks such as logos, website layouts and creating corporate identities. I learned how to use HTML and PHP for editing basic webpages in school for the past two years. Right now I want to focus on getting better at designing visual products in e.g. Adobe Illustrator. I also want to broaden my audience by exposing my talent to the public, this is my way of exposing myself to 'the internet'.

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Do you want to start your next project with me? Awesome! You can give me a call or send me an email, I'll respond as soon as possible!

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